Private Coaching


Private 1:1 Business Coaching for Interior Designers

who want to transform their business and step into their power as a leader.

It’s time to start believing you were built for BIG things. 

The only reason you haven’t reached that ‘next level’ is because you haven’t fine-tuned your operations, found your voice in your marketing, dialled up your personal power and become someone who is ALL IN committed to their growth.

And I get it, I really do.

In growing my own interior design business and expanding my personal brand, I’ve had to let go of so many things that weren’t serving me and commit wholeheartedly to being someone who creates their own success – no matter what. 

With one-to-one private coaching, you’ll receive the highest level of proximity to me and access to whatever you desire to learn about how I’ve built my businesses. With my unique and powerful coaching, fully bespoke to you and your business, we will fine-tune your strategy, unlock your inner wisdom, and elevate your confidence.   

Hi there,

I’m Katy

business coach for interior designers and founder of Design & Align

When you and I work together 1:1, your business becomes my business – you get my eyes on all of it – from refining the strategy to bringing about the powerful mindset shifts that will unlock your next level.

I know you want clear guidance, powerful coaching and accountability to create the success and recognition you've always dreamed of.

I’m here to empower you to rise and become who you’re capable of being.   

Your Intuitive Coach & Business Strategist

Empowering you with simple strategy and an aligned approach to refine and grow your interior design business.


6 months of working with me, with the highest proximity to my wisdom, perspective and expertise 

10 x 60 minute deep-dive coaching hours with me via Zoom
Mon-Fri voicemail access to me via Voxer for bespoke support while you make your moves 

Expert feedback on your website, marking materials, fee proposals, hiring materials and anything else you’d like me to look at

Full access to all my current programs where you will learn business and mindset strategies to run a successful interior design business 

the investment

1 x £20k or 6 x £3.5k

Payment plans are available.

work with design & align

If I’ve learned anything in my own business journey, it’s that taking a leap forward doesn’t happen by accident. 

You have to decide you’re capable of more and are ready to play bigger than you have been.

As a recognised interior design industry thought leader, and an experienced business coach for interior designers, when you access my 1:1 coaching, I will mentor you through everything I know about growing and scaling a business and bring creative insights and transformational coaching techniques to expand your mindset and transform your reality.

It’s time for next-level self-belief.

It’s time to shine a brighter light on your talent and uniqueness.

It’s time to magnetise the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

It’s time to call in “mind-blown” levels of income.

If you’re serious about claiming a completely new level of doing, being and earning, then you’re in the right place.

“Katy allowed me to be this person that was in me all along but that I hadn’t been bold enough to become. 

When I sit and reflect on how far I’ve come since before Katy and I met, it’s absolutely mind-boggling. The curve balls I've dealt with, the higher fees I’m now bringing in – Katy totally accelerated me and gave me that inner confidence. 

I’ve stepped up, and I feel like I’m in love with my business again, now I’m finally getting remunerated for my skills and expertise. And there’s been a gear change in me mentally – how I deal with things – this is all Katy’s doing. I can’t thank her enough – she is truly amazing at what she does.”

- S, Surrey


Understanding the value you deliver to your clients at every stage of their project.

Confidently making bigger and braver decisions with ease.

Being totally clear on where your focus needs to be each week.

Feeling new energy and excitement for what’s unfolding in your business.

Falling back in love with your clients and your creative process.

Becoming a confident leader of a thriving creative business.


Private 1:1 coaching is where business and life intertwine.

You will receive full access to Design & Align’s suite of programs as well as personalised coaching while you make big shifts, roll with day-to-day challenges and overturn old ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

I will hold space for you to unpack issues as they arise, offer accountability when you need it and provide a strategic foundation for you to build from. From the jump, we will create the space to draw breath, take a bird’s eye view of your business and feel into what you truly desire.

Then, we create the strategy and make the mindset shifts that will get you there.

Expand Your Personal Power 

Master Your Self-Leadership

Unlock Your Limitless Potential

Embed Masterful Marketing & Profitable Pricing  

Implement Next-Level Boundaries

Get Your Creativity Flowing Again

Become the version of YOU that you hold in your vision but haven’t - yet - had the courage to step into being

1 x £20k or 6 x £3.5k

My 1:1 business coaching is for you if 

You're already building your interior design business – you've got clients and projects are underway. But you know in your heart that, with the right coaching, there is so much further you can go.

Your business plan isn’t much of a “plan” and you know you're being held back by a lack of strategy, undercharging, and wobbly self-belief.

You're watching others achieve the success and recognition you know you are capable of and ready to see your own name in lights.

You're coachable, resourceful, and ready to be supported in taking your business beyond what you ever thought possible. 

My 1:1 business coaching isn't for you if 

You're not willing to show up, go deep, and do the work to refine and grow your business.

When you think about investing in your business, your mindset is "What if it doesn't work?" rather than seeing the potential for growth.

You prefer to blame life or other people for where you are rather than taking responsibility for moving yourself forward.

You want someone else to make all the decisions and essentially do the work for you.

You love designing, but deep down, you know business ownership is not for you.

“Katy’s experience in the interior design industry meant we hit the ground running. 

Within the first session she had ‘figured me out’ and understood my core values. She quickly looked past my professional façade and identified my issues with fees & pricing, skilfully helping me to rewire my mindset and negative associations with the word ‘profit’.  

Her style & approach make Katy the best business coach I've worked with. She expertly led me to find answers from within and acknowledge my self-worth & commercial value. I would highly recommend Katy, especially for an Interior Designer looking to rethink their mindset and take their business to the next level."

- R, London


Will you keep my information and the things we talk about confidential?

Yes, absolutely.

You say I’ll get voicemail access to you via Voxer, how does that work?

Voxer is a live messaging app where we can share voice messages, texts, and photos. You can ask me questions, share your successes, and get my take on anything that arises so you can move through the mental drama faster and stay in motion.

Will I get results?

The best way to know if you’ll get results from coaching is to ask yourself – has the person coaching me achieved what I want to achieve, either themselves or with their clients? Do they have information, strategies, and expertise that will help me? Do they embody the results I want for myself and my business?

My sole focus is to empower you to get the results and become the person you desire to be. Your part is to follow through, take action, and show up for your (and I’ll be cheering you on all the way).

It’s time to go all-in to create the life-changing personal and business growth you know is within reach.