Empowering You to Refine & Grow Your Interior Design Business


You can only tell yourself for so long that “someday” you’ll charge more, attract your dream projects, and wave self-doubt goodbye.

Right now, you’re probably driven by your creativity and a desire to design beautiful spaces for clients you love… But you don’t want the months and years to roll by, only to realise you’ve been working nonstop for pennies and have little progress to show for it. 

Your “someday” is happening right now, and I believe you’re capable of becoming the confident leader your business needs.  I’m here to support you in realising your fullest potential and to build a business that lights you up.

I'm Katy—

the go-to business coach for interior designers who want clear strategy, deep personal insights, and a new level of confidence from a coach who knows the interior design industry inside out.

When I started my own interior design business, I could barely pluck up the courage to charge in the hundreds for my services, despite previously managing multi-million-pound budgets in London’s City Hall.

What I know now is a result of getting to the other side of all the mistakes I made, and today, I know how to earn more in one fee than I once made in an entire year. 

I’ve been where you are, and if I’ve learned anything in my journey, it’s that creating a successful interior design business doesn’t happen by accident.

Hi there,

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Let's grow together

I help interior designers grow profitable businesses where proven strategy meets mindset mastery.

Aligned for Growth 

Learn how to create profitable services you love to deliver (and clients love to buy) in my signature 16-week group coaching program, where you’ll receive the marketing and sales tools you need to build an interior design business you love. Joining Aligned for Growth means more clarity and clients.

Profitable Pricing for Interior Design Businesses

Change your relationship with money, feel confident in your business finances, and finally charge what your services are worth. Join this self-paced program and get access to LIVE group calls with me for one year, walking you step by step through how to uplevel your money mindset, price your interior design services profitably and earn more.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Ready to go all-in to create the life-changing personal and business growth you know you’re capable of? Commit to six months of my private one-to-one coaching to unlock your limitless potential.

The Charge:

Free Masterclass!

The 5-Step Game Plan for Growing Your Interior Design Business

Learn how to position yourself as the go-to interior designer for your ideal clients. In this free training, I’m pulling back the curtain on the real reason you’re not signing clients and how to do more of the design work you love without sacrificing your soul or sanity.



"I have much more confidence in my abilities and value as an interior designer.

I’m approaching projects in a more professional, structured way. Katy’s targeted knowledge and clarity of vision is invaluable for any professional interior designer."


"Katy has been instrumental to my business.

I just signed the biggest project of my life, making more money than I thought was possible this year. The coaching has been revolutionary to what I’m doing and how I’m feeling about my business. I’m super grateful and excited to keep implementing everything I’ve learned!"

—Bernadette, Studio Aetheria, Montana


Growing your interior design business

doesn’t have to mean stress, sacrifice, or burnout.

Whether you’re dreaming of multi-five or six-figure fees or just want to run your business in a way that fits with your dream life (less weekend working, more peace and balance), I’ll help you become the confident founder your interior design business needs you to be.


It’s time to build an interior design business that feels true to you.

With over ten years of business experience, I know that your success will come down to a combination of strategy and mindset (in my world we always work on these things together).

I’ll teach you how to connect to your inner wisdom, develop your confidence, set intentional boundaries, and step wholeheartedly into the leadership role in your business whilst learning the marketing, sales, and pricing strategies that will propel your business forward and allow you to build your dream life.