• Design Align

    Stories of Systems, Navigating complex issues

    The context

    Design Align is a service that seeks to navigate conflict by using a combination of systems thinking and storytelling. Our observations lead us to believe that conflict arises because stakeholders find themselves trapped in a situation in which they are unable to understand the system (or bigger picture) they are caught in. In fact, systems thinking is a complex capability that many people find difficult to master. The service offered by Design Align attempts to use storytelling as a translator of complex systems by visualizing conflict within greater systems (through workshops, interviews, etc.) and translating findings into stories that will inspire preferred and appropriate future scenarios to resolve conflict.

    The Intervention

    The goal of Design Align is to define a process that guides communities through the complexity of systems thinking with the goal of identifying re-framed understandings and perspectives. With the objective of testing our methodology in context-specific situations, we will work on several projects with different partners (i.e. the American Red Cross, Transportation Alternatives) and on various themes (i.e. education, Middle Eastern conflicts). The service we offer resides on our website and, once the stories we gather are translated from systems diagrams to stories, they will be made accessible to all as video podcasts.

    A project in the making, more coming soon!

    Acollaboration with Maggie Ollove